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Talk to Yourself

Read this before listening: A note regarding reverse speech audio samples.

There may be occasions when you don't have the time or money for the full telephone session experience. In these cases it can be helpful to record a conversation with yourself about the topic of your concern.

Self Talk gives you the means to access guidance from your own inner knowingness, rather than from other people. Reverse Speech demonstrates that in the end, your own inner voice offers the best advice.

I used self talk to help in the planning stages of this website. While I consciously expressed my business goals, a hidden unconscious message gave the go ahead.

A business that allows me to help people and still make some money and support myself and my family
You may have found the force.

I also expressed my enthusiasm about venturing into a different business that I had little experience in. My own reversal revealed a warning that ultimately saved me from failure.

That would be pretty exciting
Without skill beware

At one point my wife and I were discussing a possible move. My unconscious eliminated at least one choice.


Parts of Arizona are nice; we haven't really discussed that area
That sucks

How to make a Self Talk recording.

Think of an issue you would like to explore and talk about it extemporaneously. Naturally occuring speech creates more reversals than scripted speech, so don't write your conversation down, rehearse, or try to formalize it. Just let the words roll and let your subconscious do the work. Others have used self talk to uncover hidden information about relationships, health issues, business decisions, future plans of all kinds, as well as metaphysical questions. If you have an issue to discuss, Reverse Speech can help to add clarity.

Save! A 20 minute Self Talk session will save you money. By sending your talk to me (either on tape or CD via mail, or as an email attachment) in place of a telephone interview. I will analyze your recording and email a transcript of your reversals, along with mp3 files that allow you to hear your own reversals.


Email Wayne for more info and prices.