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MetaWalk ™ CDs

These metaphoric journeys contain imagery that is common to all of us, as documented in the speech reversals of people globally over the last twenty years or so. This imagery runs in the background of our awareness, and forms the structures of the subconscious mind. A MetaWalk™ has all the elements of traditional hypnosis, but uses specific images to alter dysfunctional metaphors, to restore harmony between the subconscious and conscious awareness. The CD’s use generic imagery that is very effective. If you would like to take part in creating a MetaWalk™ that is tailored to your own unique speech reversals, contact me.  More info...

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Flight uses the power of metaphor to help you rise above problems, dissolve limitations, and build the life you want.  People around the world have discovered the benefits of personal metaphor restructuring during private sessions.  This audio program allows you to do the same at a fraction of the cost.  Why not take a flight with me? Take a brief vacation from your cares and woes.  Travel to the sacred mountain peaks where you will rejoin that part of you that lives above the fray, the Inner Being that has the answers you are looking for.

Product #008


Perfect Healing

Perfect Healing takes you to the deepest parts of your mind where you will explore the metaphoric structures of your inner being. The Wolf embodies your motivation and power. The Photo Album displays your self image, and the Whirlwind brings transformation. Entering the Garden you will meet the Healer, who instills sound and light within your body, promoting health and uncovering the simple awareness that is your true identity.

Product #001

Perfect Healing


Your Secret Talent

Your Secret Talent will help you uncover the incredible attributes that are unique to you alone. Everyone has talents and abilities that are as individual to them as a fingerprint. You’ll journey to the Cavern where you will discover your Inner Light, gaze at the image most important to you at this moment in time, and finally, open the Ark that holds the embodiment of your Secret Talent. You will leave the Cavern only after completely accepting and acknowledging your talent, determined to express it in your waking life.

Product #002

Your Secret Talent CD



Communicating with Animals at a Distance

Created with with Animal Communicator Colleen Nicholson from Animal Wellness, this training CD with hypnosis session designed specifically for animal communication which you can play time and again to help enhance your innate ability to communicate with the animals around you.

This beginners training CD is perfect for any animal lover and is an economical way to begin learning at home. For more indepth and intensive study, please refer to Animal Wellness Consultants.

Product #012

Communicating w/Animals CD



Harry Swinedell's Hypnotic Insomnia Cure

"Harry has had a lifetime of sleeping 18 hours a day. Can there be a better sleep expert?" Nicholson asks us to consider.

Here's an effective approach to getting a sound night's sleep. It's a known fact we spend a third of our lives sleeping, or at least we should be. Whether you have insomnia or occasional bouts of trouble sleeping, this CD will help by taking you on a metaphoric trance journey aimed at eliminating thought patterns, emotions and beliefs that stand in the way of peaceful sleep.

Product #014

Hypnotic Insomnia Cure CD





In-Depth Personal Session

We begin with a 30 minute conversation on the topic of your choice; i.e., relationships, health, business, future plans, whatever is on your mind. I then analyze and document your speech in my office then we have a followup conversation of 60-90 minutes or so to listen to your reversals together and explore their meaning. I also provide a transcript and audio files for you to keep. Hear your own inner voice. Resolve issues and move forward in your life. Live in harmony. 

Product #004

In-Depth Personal Session


MetaWalk™ Metaphor Restructuring Sessions

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