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In-Depth Personal Telephone Session

We begin with a 30 minute conversation on the topic of your choice; i.e., relationships, health, business, future plans, whatever is on your mind. I then analyze and document your speech in my office, then we have a followup conversation of 60 to 90 minutes or so to listen to your reversals together and explore their meaning. I also provide a transcript and audio files for you to keep. Hear your own inner voice. Resolve issues and move forward in your life. Live in harmony.     


Please note: It is generally illegal and unethical to tape conversations without prior knowledge of all participants. I do not analyze any recordings without signed waivers from all parties. Public presentations, radio or television shows, and media announcements by celebrities, public officials and politicians are considered public domain and can therefore be recorded and analyzed without written permission. All examples provided on this web site have been approved by the speaker, or are taken from public domain electronic media. You can safely leave messages on our answering machine. The messages will not be analyzed in any way. However, if I need clarification, I will call you back.