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The Hidden Language Metawalk ™

The Perfect Healing


In the deepest regions of the unconscious mind there is a theater that runs movies 24 hours a day. The plots are heroic and mimic many of the myths and legends of our civilization. Metaphors come alive here with lush imagery and personas that are similar to those discussed by Carl Jung, and described in native cultures. These dramas run independently of the conscious mind. They are essentially on autopilot. This is sometimes unfortunate, because our subconscious metaphors control our lives in a very powerful way.

In the 1980's I spent a lot of time using positive thinking and affirmations, you know...."You like yourself, you're gonna make a lot of money, You look really good" was really kind of funny. Now many of us have invested in positive intending as the path to personal salvation. I don't discount these techniques, and still use variations of them today, but I do find that in certain situations, the techniques don't work. And for that you can blame the movies of the subconscious. For instance, you can intend wealth, using all the right affirmations and prayers, guides and angels, but if your subconscious mind is running the metaphor life in the ghetto, your financial picture is unlikely to change very much. This is because there is a disconnect between your conscious desires and your subconscious belief. The MetaWalk™ metaphor restructuring technique, originated by David John Oates, combines reverse speech with hypnosis, allowing us to change the metaphors in a way that lets conscious desires manifest, by eliminating limiting beliefs and self sabotage.

While a traditional hypnotic induction works with the personal imagery of the client, a MetaWalk™ takes the client through a variety of locations and activities that are laden with archetypal symbols and metaphors that have been with the human race since the dawn of time. Each adventure alters the internal structures of the mind to reveal the highest awareness possible for the individual client.

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Perfect Healing


Perfect Healing takes you to the deepest parts of your mind where you will explore the metaphoric structures of your inner being. The Wolf embodies your motivation and power. The Photo Album displays your self image, and the Whirlwind brings transformation. Entering the Garden you will meet the Healer, who instills sound and light within your body, promoting health and uncovering the simple awareness that is your true identity.

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