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Corporate voicemail

Read this before listening: A note regarding reverse speech audio samples.

Listen, you won't believe it!

Any representative of a company reveals his or her state of mind through hidden channels in their speech.

Research in Reverse Speech demonstrates that people react to each other’s covert language in conversation.

In business it is imperative that both forward and reverse speech are congruent with each other. Sales are much more difficult to close when the unconscious messages expressed do not support your argument.

Let me screen your voice mail messages and presentations for incongruencies. Products

What ever happened to have a nice day?

Our local power company has a revealing hidden message on their answering system.

The greeting is “Thank you for calling Niagara Mohawk, a National Grid Company.”

Niagara Mohawk
A Horrible Day

National Grid Company
Hear the muck, they’re gonna sign it

Friends who worked there revealed that employee morale was low, at the time, because the company was negotiating a very unfavorable deal for the employees, and were "ready to sign it."

Ever get frustrated with a voicemail system?

Here's the answer from our local cable TV company.

Please enter the three digit area code and phone number associated with your account
Get used to this mess